30 minute meals and social media

Connected: The Surprising Power Of Our Social Networks is a book about how we are connected to everyone we encounter and even those that we don’t. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it. It explains how our friends, friends, friends, friends affect everything we feel, think, or do (kind of scary if you think about it). This is especially true in today’s society with all of the advances in technology and social media. Twitter allows you to follow anyone that interests you. If your friend follows a person that is interesting you might join the revolution and follow that person as well, and the following trend would continue throughout friends. Facebook actually recommends people that you might know and suggests people for you to be friends with. It is all a product of who you are friends with or groups of people who share common likes, networks, or check-ins. Pinterest is one of the best places to “connect.” The goal of Pinterest is to re-pin the things you like. Your friends follow you and if you like something, pin it, and your friends like it also they will re-pin it. This action connects your friends to you, the person you re-pinned the item from, who they re-pinned the item from, etc. ultimately all the way to the original pinner. Wow! We are a world of connected people! Below I have listed ways to find Quick/Easy meals through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Some of the sites I researched are similar thus connecting us. Enjoy!

Quick/Easy meals on Twitter:

@Quickandtasty – Many 30 minute meals made with potatoes. A website is linked to their twitter; Many faces of potatoes. All of the recipes listed are with potatoes and they are quick, simple, and easy to make.

@Foodista is a recipe, cooking, and food news source. They have their own website; http://www.foodista.com/# On their website it features many recipe and cooking ideas, food news, holiday meals/treats, and also health and nutrition. They also feature community added recipes to get consumers involved.

@My_Recipes features thousands of different recipes. Some of the readers/users favorite recipes. They also have a webpage; http://www.myrecipes.com. The website has a section specifically dedicated to quick and easy meals. They have weekly meals planned out, menus, healthy foods, how-to-videos, kids recipes, etc.

@cooking_light is a website that features numerous recipes. Their website http://www.cookinglight.com has multiple recipes, including 30 minute meals. They have sections for healthy, holiday, entertaining, community, and even a spot for Valentine’s day recipes.

Quick/Easy meals on Facebook:

This site posts recipes from other blogs daily. Their recipes are quick, easy, and budget friendly.

She posts recipes daily from her blog. Most meals are 30 minutes and under to create.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quick-Recipes-Community/321291421225709#!/pages/Quick-Recipes-Community/321291421225709?sk=info Their Facebook is full of quick and simple recipes, and they allow you to share your cooking experience and recipes on their page.

They also have a website; http://www.quickrecipestips.com it features recipes that are quick, healthy, and have a recipe guide and tips.

Pinterest quick/easy meals:

Like I mentioned in my previous blog many of the 30 minute meals were from pinterest boards. All of these boards feature a website where a 30 minute recipe was listed. I will list a few just for the sake of refreshment..












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