Technology and Cooking

Technology has drastically affected cooking as we know it today.

Which would you prefer?


If we venture back to the beginning of time people would build a fire to cook their food and  used ice blocks to preserve their food. With the advances in technology we are now able to vacuum seal and store food in a freezer for up to a year. Imagine what the pioneers would have thought of that?!

When the invention of the oven, microwave, microwave oven, etc. we are now able to cook more efficiently and expediently.

With the invention of the internet we no longer have to rely on recipes from people we know or have recipes handed down from generations. We are able to search for a recipe,  choose the highest rated recipe and cook that recipe. Thank you technology!

Most people would praise the upgrades in technology, however some people prefer it more simple. For example, my grandmother loves her new convection over and microwave she refuses to alter her recipes. If her recipes are not from her or someone she knows she WILL NOT cook them. She says they are cooked/baked with love and everything she makes has a story behind it.

Technology has affected everything in today’s society in one way or another and some oppose while others refuse to stay caught up with the changing times.

Do you think technology has helped or hindered our cooking methods?



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